the slow dead…

tasukete! is now totally deserted and posts will now move to http://zettairyouiki.com/

it was fun while it lasted… see you guys, on the other side that is.


Now this is truely epic, it’s filmed in Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall Icho Hall on August 2, 2008:

Part 1

Part 2

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medley, oh all the songs

Now if  I ever get the chance to organize a party with all you fans of the modern visual culture, this would surely be on the playlist:-

Medley put together by the awesome folks at NicoNicoDouga. How many songs do you know? ^________^

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Return of the Tsundere

It’s about damn time. Com’on, Tsundere is moe. What was everyone thinking for the past few years last year?! So after winning – Suiseiseki and also claiming third – Shana (and Rin Tosaka in eighth?! Kidding me?) in 2006 and only second – Nagi last year… this year, it’s the return of the tsundere – All hail Kagamin, because she is the winner of the 2008 Anime Saimoe Tournament..


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Jun Ji-Hyun as Saya!!

Personally, I’m not fond of live action adaptation of anime/manga, but I sure am not going to miss this one. Blood: The Last Vampire live action movie, with Jun Ji-Hyun as Saya! (If you don’t know who is Jun Ji-Hyun, go grab yourself a copy of the movie My Sassy Girl)


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Love Death 3


If you have managed to get your hand on the eroge Love Death 2, and like it, then this is definitely something that you cannot miss. Love Death 3 is available for preorder and will be in stocks 28th November 2008! And if you preorder it before 21st November, you can choose to include the preorder Bonus- Sextea Beach 3 Force. Continue reading only if you are 18 or above…

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I love Full Metal Alchemist. I thought the ending was good, but I felt bad for Winry. I love the manga, I wonder if anyone reads it? I really hope they follow the manga this time , I’m so excited, but although the manga gives a lot of grounds for the staff to work on the anime, it’s slow. New chapter only comes out once every month, and I certainly hope it wouldn’t turn into another Naruto/Bleach.