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Fans of School Rumble! REJOICE! Production of the third season has been announced! Production will be done by all previous staff:- director Takamatsu Shinji, script editor Tokita Hiroko, anime director and character design Watanabe Hajime, and Studio Comet!


I am totally excited! More Yakumo goodness! ROAR!

Check out the website here: http://sr.kc.kodansha.co.jp/


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fruits basket review



also known as: furuba
# episodes: 26 eps, jul 2001 – dec 2001
anidb rating: 8.05 (3161 votes)
my rating: 5.00


am i really one of the rare few that isn’t enchanted by this anime? the top two google searches for the phrase “fruits basket review” (this and this) gave fruits basket a stellar rating. quoting from one of them, “fruits basket would be my top pick for a ‘relaxing’ anime.” i seriously beg to differ here – i pat myself on the back for being able to actually watch fruits basket to the very end.


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Hare Hare Yukai

If you’ve watched Suzumiya Haruhi (shame on you if you have not), you probably have converted to Haruhism and you HAVE to know the Hare Hare Yukai dance. There are so many versions of it, the anime version, the akiba version, those done by random folks around the world, etc. etc… If you still have no idea what I am talking about, here is the original anime version of the dance:-



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I Love Only 2D Girls?!

The next time, if it ever happens (-as if it’s gonna happen-), a girl that you have absolutely no interest in confess her love to you… How are you going to reject her? Lost of words?! Thanks to a certain anime, now you can use this TRICK.. tell her..


Come to think of it, I posted this some time ago on a certain website:-

2D versus 3D


DO take the trouble to vote for each scene which do you prefer, you just might be able to find out what your true love is. (Unfortunately, lousy WordPress does not support flash video other than YouTube and YouTube has banned it for unknown stupid reason, so please click on the link to view the video.)

Dsching… Dsching… Dschinghis Khan~~~

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Into its 12th year of running, and premiering 19th April, Detective Conan 12th Movie – Senritsu no Gakufu (Full Score of Fear). One of the anime movies that I look forward to each year, although it would not be available to us outside Japan until late 2008.

Ending theme 翼を広げて (Tsubasa o Hirogete) will be performed by ZARD, a song recorded and unpublished before the dead of Izumi Sakai. Katsuo Ono who have lots of experience with Detective Conan will be doing the music for this movie.

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exactly what my reaction would be when i run out of storage space for my anime =)

recently blu-ray won the format war over its rival hd dvd (nicknamed “highly dead” dvd by AP haha). while reading the article on yahoo news, it made me wonder – how cheaply can we burn data onto blu-ray discs nowadays? this prompted me to imagine a scenario where one has 1TB of anime and wants to store it so that.. one can marathon it again when one retires, perhaps? =P

i then spent 30 minutes of my time, which might have been better off used for sleeping, to check the prices of discs and writers for blu-ray, dvds and cds (just for laughs) and compare it to the prices of external hard disks nowadays.


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What would you do? Someone you have never thought of romantically, but very closed with, suddenly confessed her love to you? I know, I know, the same old plot being recycled again and again, but we still enjoyed the cliché, don’t we? Well, I really don’t know what would happen from here on. Who would be the destined one?

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