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the slow dead…

tasukete! is now totally deserted and posts will now move to http://zettairyouiki.com/

it was fun while it lasted… see you guys, on the other side that is.


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Now this is truely epic, it’s filmed in Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall Icho Hall on August 2, 2008:

Part 1

Part 2

Now for the orignal:- (more…)

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Now if  I ever get the chance to organize a party with all you fans of the modern visual culture, this would surely be on the playlist:-

Medley put together by the awesome folks at NicoNicoDouga. How many songs do you know? ^________^

So you like it? How about this —-> (more…)

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Return of the Tsundere

It’s about damn time. Com’on, Tsundere is moe. What was everyone thinking for the past few years last year?! So after winning – Suiseiseki and also claiming third – Shana (and Rin Tosaka in eighth?! Kidding me?) in 2006 and only second – Nagi last year… this year, it’s the return of the tsundere – All hail Kagamin, because she is the winner of the 2008 Anime Saimoe Tournament..



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it’s not just being a soldier that’s tough. those servicing the koutei-chan‘s pearly whites would be in for a memory wipe whenever they see the back of his throat =P

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Nyan~ Nyan~

Don’t you hate it when your last paper is on the very last day of all examinations and you have basically finish everything else besides that paper which is like one week away.

Anyway, I wonder if the nyan~nyan~ dance will get as popular as Hare Hare Yukai. Hmm.. Or even Carameldansen…

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my exams were over just a couple of hours ago – i thought i’d be jumping with joy, but i’m not really sure why i’m not getting that feeling yet. maybe it hasn’t sunk it? or maybe i’m feeling a bit melancholic as i’ll be bidding goodbye to my student life?

anyway, in order to make this post somehow anime-themed, i’ll try to show how anime can actually help in memorizing factoids for biology exams =P which made me feel less guilty watching average of 3 eps of anime during the exam period hehe.


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