utawarerumono review


# eps: 26, apr 2006 – sep 2006
anidb rating: 8.13 (2921 votes)
my rating: 8.50 (7.50 if not for aruruu =P)


nothing brings me out of blogging semi-retirement faster than encountering a new theory of evolution in anime. excuse me, darwin – according to utawarerumono, there’s apparently a missing link between monkeys and humans! and the missing link is a.. MECHAAAAA.

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sola review


# eps: 13, apr 2005 – jun 2006
anidb rating: 7.31 (1433 votes)
my rating: 7.50


i have to admit that if it wasn’t for the nice art, i wouldn’t have been able to finish watching sola – which would have been a waste, as i felt that the later episodes were better than the earlier ones. let me explain – how interested would one be if one knows that initially, the main premise of the anime lies with the main protagonist wanting to show how beautiful the daytime clouds are to a vampire?

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it’s not just being a soldier that’s tough. those servicing the koutei-chan‘s pearly whites would be in for a memory wipe whenever they see the back of his throat =P

After 6 successful years, one of my favorite manga, will be ending with next Wednesday issue of the weekly Shonen magazine.

I’m gonna miss my favorite female character, Yakumo chan~ (T.T). Click here for preview of next week’s shonen.

Do you follow the School Rumble manga?

NO! Dead?!

Why? I certainly didn’t see that coming.. Rolo you b*****d, Rolo must DIE.

Net-neutrality is probably nothing new for folks in the US, but it’s only starting to heat up here in the UK. And for me, I have absolutely no idea what it was until a couple of days ago while flipping through comp magazines, trying to find myself a laptop bargain.

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Do you read the Dengeki magazines? They (especially the Festival! version) usually come with lotsa freebies like Dakimakura, Oppai MousePad, Towels, etc. The Dengeki line of magazines by ASCII Media Works predominantly focus on bishoujo game, and anime/manga/novel related to bishoujo games. The only version that targets the ladies is the bi-monthly Dengeki Girl Style.

Dengeki Festival! Heaven Vol. 1 would be the first ever Festival! line that would focus on otome games. The cover will feature the pretty boys from Hakuoki-

The freebies:-

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